For the full episode and show notes, see: are very few people who I consider to be personal mentors, extremely trustworthy individuals in my life who I can look to for fitness, health and longevity advice, or people who I think put out truly “cutting-edge” health information. Dr. Joseph Mercola is one of those people. Dr. Mercola is a board certified family physician who had seen tens of thousands of patients before transitioning to a full time internet journalist, as he felt he could help far more people than he could in private practice. It turns out he was right…because every month he has ten million unique visitors and 80 million unique visitors each year. has been the most natural health for the last 12 years and is now translated into six different languages.

Dr. Mercola’s passion is optimizing mitochondrial health, and during today’s discussion, you’ll discover:

-How Dr. Mercola built into one of the most popular health in the -Dr. Mercola’s unique system that allows him to digest dozens of books each month while taking a quarter billion+ steps over his -Why you should wear blue light blocking glasses during the day, not just at -How to ground your computer and keep your laptop and monitor from destroying your & 35:20]

-Why Dr. Mercola eats both seafood and one surprising compound found in seafood every day of the -The little-known biohacks Dr. Mercola uses to maximize his mitochondrial -Why scrambled eggs are very bad for you, and what you can do about -The myth about iron levels and a crucial test you must take to keep iron from “rusting out” your -The best book Dr. Mercola has ever read on strength training, and how he combines it with a special hack called & 79:10]

-Dr. Mercola’s take on whether or not quantification devices like rings and wristbands are good or bad for you, and what he personally -Why Dr. Mercola limits protein intake, and how he strikes a balance between anti-aging effects of muscle and aging effects of too much -How to make your own “anti-aging” -A unique one-two combo you can use prior to saunas to maximize your detoxification, fat burn and fat cell -Two ingredients Dr. Mercola sprinkles on his garden soil to get 10x+ production of cherries, organic produce and -The liquid dropper that Dr. Mercola takes on every airplane -And much more!.


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