Hello is kris gethin 4weeks2shred nutrition made easy.

first of all i would like to tell you this is my first youtube video and tell you how it all started.
while the web, i came across indian actor hrithik roshan body transformation for the film this made me a little curious and decided to make some was mind blown when i saw his body transformation
i found that it was kris getin who trained him and decided to have a look at it.

i find it really amazing a decided to give it a try.this is where my journey all started.and this is about about 10of got through the bodybuilding and booom, just everything i needed to get started. but the problem is that i found it a little bit difficult to understand the spent hours and finally made this little video and the excel to better get my portions correctly.

you can it for in the below and do not forget to because i will upload videos about my journey from start to to : and i will back and lets share our experience about it.


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