Miranda demonstrates Nutrition Response Testing with her patient Leo who has already lost a lot of weight while working with her and is now working with his MD on getting off medications for type 2 diabetes, high blood and thyroid issues. I understand that this seems unusual for people who grow up in the American medical system, a pill for every problem, but the problem never goes away. Miranda has had hundreds of experiences with patients who get acupuncture and it helped. But the body needs genuine replacement parts (food) to really heal completely. Sugar, junk, herbicide- and pesticide-sprayed GMO corn and soy fed animals and potatoes grown in nutrient-poor soils fertilized with chemicals in a soup of toxic heavy metals to “industrial recycling” practices do not give our body’s organs the genuine replacement parts. Some of these “foods” confuse our body’s ability to heal. The good news is that Miranda can use this technique to get poisoned children, children who have had stomach aches for years, well in a matter of weeks to months. Leo, because he’s been in the medical system so long will take longer to get well because the medications he’s been taking bypass his nervous system’s ability to heal. The drugs create an effect, but they do not heal his diabetes, his pancreas, his kidneys, or his heart which is fine, just not 100%. Some people don’t want to take drugs for the rest of their lives. Here is one way to reduce ones dependence on drugs. You will always be dependent on food as long as you are alive. Find real food because it works better to maintain your for all your thumbs.


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