Meet Rosie, Certified Health Coach in Fitness, Nutrition and a health and wellness coach, I work with high performing executives, entrepreneurs and busy parents. I help them to get fit, lose weight and maintain a healthy balance in their lives.

Making the right kind of changes to improve your health can be overwhelming, confusing and just plain hard. I help my clients change their habits to improve their health in a way that is sustainable and works with real life.

Theres so much more to wellness than just going on a diet and detox cleanse. While I coach people to improve their fitness and nutrition, health and wellness means something different to each individual. Whether its eating better, moving more, increasing energy, stress management, sleep quality, weight loss and/or improving performance, I coach people to make the right changes and get the results that matter to them.

Video transcription:
I get really excited about helping people find what is going to work for them. And making improvements to their health and wellness by getting really clear what matters and setting the right priorities.

And for everyone that looks different. Things like how well youre sleeping, stress management activities you could incorporate in your day, the types of food you are eating, your nutrition and workout plans and ways to sustain your energy throughout the day. In order to make lasting changes in your life, we take the big picture into account.

And we all know that change is hard. Even though we have all these great and we live in the digital age and theres all this information out there it can be overwhelming to get started.

Im a certified health and wellness coach, yoga instructor, personal trainer and precision nutrition specialist. Ive been working in the health and fitness industry AND in corporate development for over a decade. I understand the and stress that come with a demanding career not to mention the challenge of maintain a balanced life.

I find that the key ingredients to each individuals success lies in their ability to be honest. Honest with whats going on in their life today and what they want. The biggest difference then is making sure that were taking the steps to do it.

Week by week, we work together to keep you on track, making sure that youre turning up to gym, making the right eating choices or siting down and getting in your practice…Whatever it is, I help you to move forward and make progress by keeping you accountable.

My goal is to help you make meaningful lasting changes and improve your life. When you look better, feel better and perform better – thats success for me.

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