Detox Dieting

Fresh Roasted Beets are an amazing superfood for vitamins, nutrients, and digestion.
Secret to a Flat Stomach

3 Large Beets

Oven 400 degrees
Cutting Board
Aluminum Foil
Glass container

My typical Detox Diet Lunch:
4 oz Fresh Fish or Organic Chicken
Organic Green Salad
Fresh Roasted Beets
Peeled Cucumber
Shredded Organic Carrots
Anne’s Naturals Salad Dressing
I drink a glass of water
and a cup of hot green tea or dandelion root tea

You can find out more about the Detox Diet on follow the Detox Diet 3-5 days a week for personal weight loss and healthy lifestyle.
I make enough beets (3 large beets) ahead of time to make my lunches throughout the week.

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