Carrots have 1. 4 % protein in it. Today, we are all on the go and oh so busy. Regardless of how busy our schedules are, good nutrition is still good nutrition. One such way is juicing!
Juicing is the processing of separating the juice in fresh fruit and vegetables from its pulp. Doing so provides your body with a broad spectrum of vital living and raw nutrients.
It’s about consuming the GOOD that nature has prepared for us, taking them in a way that is optimum for our health, in a safe and responsible manner; and making a lifestyle change to REVERSE what ignorance and this toxic world have done, to cause us dreaded degenerative diseases. It’s NOT too late yet, start now and start HERE . . . .

Our human body has been created to have a marvelous self-healing capability. Fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the most healing foods that G. O. D. (Generator. Operator. Destroyer) has given us for that healing purpose, qualities that humans cannot imitate.

Juicing makes it easy for our bodies to assimilate these high quality nutrients to feed our cells. Juices are highly detoxifying and cleansing. They help repair damages to our cells, heal and nourish. A holistic nutritional diet will help hasten your healing. No drug in this world can claim to heal except through what nature has provided us.


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