In this episode of Vegan Eats In Vancouver, we went to Nice Vice Creamery!

Sorry for the audio, It was pretty loud in there!

This was my first time at Nice Vice and I was nothing short of being blown away! They were incredibly easy going with letting us try different flavours so we knew that we were making the right decision. All of their flavours were so unique and all very tasty. I would have never picked the Earl Grey, but after trying it I was hooked. The consistency of the ice cream was perfectly creamy.

The owner was incredibly friendly and welcoming. He even shared the story of why he opened Nice Vice.

I can’t wait to go i’m Brianna of Delicious Nutrition! I’m a vegan and Being a competitive figure skater, I like to eat healthy for my best physical performance. It helps that I love studying nutrition and creating healthy recipes.

Two years ago, I had to change my diet when I was experiencing a lot of stomach discomfort and I was constantly getting sick. Since then I have rarely (if ever) been sick and my energy levels have improved significantly.

Good nutrition can impact your life incredibly.
Treat your body well and it will love you right back! Don’t forget to ~~~

Music: LANDR – sunsets
Transitions: Gabrielle Marie

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