Nutrigenomics is very often used to refer to the overarching field of Nutritional Genomics. In this video, I explain the difference between the terms commonly used.

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Nutrigenomics is a scientific field that forms part of the overarching field called nutritional genomics. Nutrigenomics is used sometimes as a shorter term of nutritional genomics and other times it is used synonymously with personalized nutrition and in this video I will explain that it is neither.
So let let s start from the top. Nutritional genomics is the overarching term for the fields of Nutrigenomics which studies or environmental factors such as diet interact with our genes.
Nutrigenetics is the study of how our genetic make-up influences how we utilize nutrients and epigenetics is the study of the switching on and off of genes without a change in the structure of the DNA.
Personalized nutrition on the other hand has been practice for ages and it is when we tailor a person s nutrition to their preferences, disease, age, for example.
The goal of the field of nutritional genomics is to be able to understand how we can tailor a person s diet to their genes or to intervene with specific foods to improve health and reduce or delay the onset of diseases. So gene- based personalized nutrition is a more accurate term for personalizing someone s diet according to their genetic information.

Move away from one-size fits all approach
be able to identify who needs more intensive intervention
New will take into account diet, genes, biomarkers, lifestyle which of course is very complex because we eat food not individual nutrients

Need to update knowledge in genetics and genomics
Need to learn how to apply and integrate into your specialist area

New knowledge
Expand our skillset and create new job opportunities
Truly moving to prevention rather than disease care
We are part of this genomics era that we or our generation will be remembered for
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