presents: Nutrition in Amoeba

An Amoeba is a shapeless, single celled organism. It feeds on plankton and diatoms present in water. Watch this video to learn about the process of Feeding and Digestion in amoeba.

Amoeba eats tiny plants and animals present in pond water where it lives. An Amoeba takes in food by extending arm-like structures called pseudopodia from any part of its body, since it is shapeless.

When a food comes near the Amoeba, then the Amoeba produces two pseudopodia around the food and surrounds it.
The two pseudopodia then join around the food and trap it in a food vacuole with a little water. The food vacuole contains digestive enzymes which break down the food into nutrients and undigested waste.

The nutrients from the food are directly absorbed by the body of the Amoeba, the Cytoplasm. The undigested wastes are simply thrown out of the body through a rupture anywhere in the cell wall. After the nutrients are absorbed, the vacuole disappears.

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