Nutrition is EASY, NEVER Diet and follow these simple principles before going on a diet! or joining the gym.

Watch Michael Clark from Clarks Healthcare in Benfleet discussing this very important topic during his talk Why Dieting MAKES and KEEPS People FAT

Do you suffer with any of these symptoms?
Are you overweight and your clothes don’t fit?
Have tried dieting & exercise with only temporary results?
Do you suffer with low self-esteem/confidence?
Do you suffer with low energy & fatigue?
Do you feel stressed?
Do you suffer with joint/muscle weakness e.g. weak back, arthritis etc?
Do you have an injury which has never fully recovered & keeps recurring?
Did you have a caesarean or never regained your figure after pregnancy?
Do you have high blood your answer is YES, then our Studio Programme is for you!
To find out more about the healthy weight loss programmes at Clarks Healthcare Benfleet visit Our Programme Will Significantly Improve YOUR Health!
We don’t believe in fad diets and health regimes with temporary results. We offer truly unique and bespoke programmes incorporating everything you need for success. We will provide you with an achievable exercise, nutrition and lifestyle plan and work with you on a completely one-to-one basis every week in our studio, giving you the knowledge, support and encouragement needed to achieve permanent results. This programme is an investment in your health!

Visit to watch other videos and to discover more about their Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Rehabilitation, Health Programmes to help resolve your pain, health issues, reduce stress, lose weight, improve digestive issues, improve energy and much more.

Michael Clark and Lisa Clark are co-founders of Clarks Healthcare and work as registered Osteopaths, Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coaches, Chek Practitioners, Rehabilitation specialists and much more.

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