Nutrition for Weight Loss

you plan go get in shape you need to know this formula Nutrition + Fitness = Faster Results
By now you know that boxing workouts get you in shape fast but if you don’t have the right nutrition to fuel your workouts you’re just spinning your wheels.
Proper nutrition is 75-80% of accomplishing any and all fitness goals, so we’ve decided to partner with HERBALIFE: the number one nutrition company in the world. This dynamic combination allows for 1on1 Boxing Fitness to be your one-stop-shop for health, fitness, and most importantly results.
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1on1 Boxing Fitness has nutrition programs with custom meal plans that start for as little as per day. ALL our Programs include a customized Meal Plan & Body Composition Test
valued at over it time you got serious about your fitness and nutrition? Call 1on1 Boxing Fitness and let us help you get started on the right program today.

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