This meatless Monday the very first of 2016 I show you how to get action packed nutrition into your stomach in this fun 5 minuet video!

Squash or your choosing, I used an acorn squash
Tin of black beans
1 Cup Quinoa
1 Red bell pepper
1 leak
Seasoning and coconut oil

I use Turmeric because of all the evidence to show it reduces your chances of brain diseases. Thyme is so high in vitamin C and we all need that this time of year, Sea salt is full of minerals that most of us lack and pepper is a wonderful digestive aid that tastes so great!

I use coconut oil because it does not go rancid at high cooking temperatures. You can also use avocado oil, but avoid those see through bottles as the oil is destroyed by light and air!

How to:

Cut that squash in half
brush with oil
cook in oven at 400 F depending on the size usually 30-40 minuets
Chop veggies, keep them fine as the quinoa is fine and you wouldn’t want to make the quinoa feel inferior to the big veggies when they go into the squash!

On the stove heat up 1. 5 cups of water or vegetable broth
add the can of black beans
add the quinoa
add the seasoning
add the leak
cook on low simmer for 10-12 minuets

BOOM, all cooked up and ready to be stuffed into that delish squash and topped with the crunchy and super nutritious pumpkin seeds!


Let me know what you think friends!


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