Nutrition for Weight Loss

Learn more about weight loss and metabolic dysfunction.
Are you trying to lose weight and nothing seem to work ? The weight keeps coming back? Or it never goes away? Or actually, it keeps increasing doesn’t matter what you do?!
It is very important to understand some of the challenges that your body be enduring to be able to lose weight successfully.
Weight loss is not only about calories in and calories out, it is not about physical activity either, it is about your metabolic health and capacity to properly digest and metabolise food.
With the right choice of foods you have a chance to lose weight, but you need to understand what is it that you are doing.
This week I am expanding on the topic of metabolic dysfunction; giving you more in depth understanding of how to tackle your weight loss journey properly.
Stay in tune; as in the next few of weeks I will be giving you more in detail information on the subject together with launch of a weight loss e-course, that will guid you steep-by-steep through your weight loss journey and provide you with dietary protocol, wholesome recipes and hand picked supplements choice.

Dorota Trupp is an expert Nutritionist. She empowers you to make better dietary choices and live a healthier life.

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