and fast the first time you tried to send a 4GB video file as an attachment? Anybody who has tried to share a large file with a friend or colleague understands all too well to the problems that are involved. attachments can get rejected, especially if you don’t know what the upper limit on a file size is for sender or recipient. Uploads and can be arbitrarily slow. And the clunkiness of the whole process makes it hard to get real work done.
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What IT needs to know about iOS 10

iOS 10 offers a range of technologies that make the iPhone and iPad even better enterprise devices and
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In the bad old days, if you wanted to distribute files that were too hefty for your to handle, you had few choices. You could buy some web-hosting space and use that to distribute files on the fly to your co-workers and collaborators, you could burn a disc or copy the file to a USB drive and drop that in an envelope, or you could use that fabled legacy transport protocol, Sneakernet. Nowadays, however, there’s a bevy of services that offer tons of storage and bandwidth..


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