Nutritional Insanity
Claim Your of “10 Insights for Awakened Living” and “7 Ways to Be More Spiritual Than Your Friends” at of Mind in Nutritional Insanity PART 1 – Mindful Perfect Diet – with JP Sears
Connect with JP trying to find and eat a healthy diet, how can you avoid losing your psychological sanity in the sea of nutritional insanity and confusion contained within all the conflicting nutritional programs available? What happens if your nutritional efforts to improve your health cause you enough psychological stress that you have a net loss of health? JP Sears asks you to consider that while all nutrition schemes are different, they are all valid. Rather than stressing trying to find the truth in nutrition, JP invites you to see that all nutrition programs have truth. The path to peace of mind and healthy nutrition comes by way of learning to listen to your body’s unique nutritional needs so that your mind doesn’t have to go insane trying to guess how to feed your body!

JP Sears gives you 5 easy to follow, yet powerful, steps to resolve your mental and emotional stress about nutrition while simultaneously feeding your body a healthy diet based on its needs. With these 5 steps of personal empowerment, you no longer need to suffer from orthorexia trying to figure out how to lose weight, be healthy, and eat a healthy diet. You can keep your psychological sanity in the sea of nutritional insanity made up of the waters of Paleo Diet, Vegan Diet, Raw Vegan Diet, Fruitarian Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Breatharian, Carnivore Diet, Raw Carnivore Diet, Diet, Macrobiotic Diet, Low Fat Diet, High Fat Diet, Body Type Diet, Blood Type Diet, Metabolic Typing Diet, Zone Diet, Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Pritikin Diet, Perricone Diet, Detox Diet, Grapefruit Diet, or the Cabbage Soup Diet!

As an inner coach, the purpose of JP’s work is to empower people to live more meaningful lives as whole individuals by guiding them to move beyond their symptoms of pain and sabotage so they discover and reconcile their inner imbalances.

JP Sears presents classes and workshops at numerous locations nationally and internationally on a regular basis. While teaching and coaching, JP is highly acclaimed for his heartfelt, dynamic, and entertaining style of delivery. JP runs his private practice in Carlsbad, CA where he specializes in emotional healing.

Through the offerings of Inner Awakenings, JP Sears works with people who are in pain, overwhelmed, or who self-sabotage that would like to discover their self-worth, confidence, and authenticity. Do you suffer from self sabotage, low self confidence, anxiety, emotional pain, or relationship conflict? Please visit for more information on self help and healing possibilities!

JP’s live workshops and online teleclasses are powerful opportunities for self growth, emotional healing, personal empowerment, resolving self sabotage, learning to be vulnerable, becoming authentic, self realization, and personal empowerment. His program offerings include Beyond Self Sabotage, Compassionate Communication, The Art of Stress Reduction and Healing Your Inner Child, The Art of Emotional Wellness, and The Art of Coaching. For the most up to date schedule of self help workshops and teleclasses, please visit.


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