Welcome to our first episode of “Plant Focused Nutrition”!
I am a Plant Focused Registered Dietitian with a private practice in Havre de Grace Maryland. Please contact me via at or by phone 410-934-7328.
Today we will be cooking a simple lentil soup in the electric cooker. This recipe can also be cooked in a stovetop cooker or in a regular pot on the stove (cooking time will be increased to 1 hour in a regular pot, and will need to be stirred regularly while simmering). You could also cook in a crock pot on low for ~8 hours. Basic ingredients:
One large onion chopped
A few cloves of garlic finely minced
Several stalks of celery, sliced or chopped
Vegetable broth or water
~ 1 pound of greens (swiss chard, kale, spinach)
12 a bag of lentils (rinsed) 8 ounces or a half of pound
A few sliced carrots
1 quart canned tomato (minced, or tomato sauce
a few pieces of chopped hot pepper (if you like it hot)
And then add water or vegetable broth to make about 4 quarts of soup
Add some spices : a tsp or so of turmeric, handful of basil and or oregano — whatever you like (change it up from time to time to keep it interesting) some freshly ground pepper
Give it a stir and put the lid on and bring it up to high for 12 minutes (if you are cooking on the stove in a regular pan, simmer for one hour)
I like the electric cooker because it is so simple & you can just set it and come back to it whenever you are ready
After the twelve minutes is up, you can just let the reduce on its own naturally (what I usually do) or if you are in a rush to eat it you can quickly reduce the manually
Stir it up and serve!
Have a healthy day & EAT PLANT FOCUSED!!!.


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