This week’s questions for the nutrition and vegan Stabler 6 hours ago
Hi Steve quality videos. Question for QnA please?! Just want to hear your views on the ethical side of being vegan please pal

Audrius Gonta 2 days ago
What your opinion on salt? Did you feel difference in sports perfomance after saltyer meals?

hannah Garroch 5 days ago
I know you love your potatoes, how would you make roast potatoes for Christmas ? Live in a house full of goose fat roastie lovers so need to cook my own separately but really trying to reduce my oil intake, any suggestions? Keep on keeping on 🙂 xx

Cesar Moreno 5 days ago
Hi Steve, how are you? Thank you and congratulations for your videos. I’m training for my first marathon in 2016, and I just started adding some “nutrition” on my long runs. What and how often did you eat and drink on your marathon? Muchas gracias!

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