Q: What are your thoughts on certain medical professionals saying that too many bananas can lead to potassium poisoning and death by heart failure?

Q: Where do you drink water from e.g (bottle tap etc.)

Q: Is drinking from bottles bad for you with all the added shit they put in there and the plastic.

Q: Filtered water vs kangen water for drinking and washing fruits and veg to get all the shit off of them.

Q: What made you go vegan?

Q:What do you think of wild game?

Q: I’m looking for a natural energy boost for my longer trail runs in a hot climate. Do you have any suggestions for the water bottle?

Q: I’ve read somewhere that drinking too much soy milk is also bad and actually prohibits other nutrients being absorbed in your body. Any take on that?

Q: How do you intake your B12?

Q: What are your thoughts on vegan protein mix? Personally I enjoy Vega or orgain to add flavor and thickness to my shakes? I have checked out ingredients list looks like it will do no harm,but curious what you think!

Q: What is your view on ice-cream, in particular sorbet? Do you have it or are you against it?

Q: When are you going to release a recipe video? I wouldn’t mind seeing a vegetarian/vegan burrito recipe after reading Born to Run.

Q: Do you drink alcohol? If not what do you do to let your hair down?

Q: Can you do a What I Eat in a Day video

Q: Would you ever eat human flavored tofu?…. if you were a guy that eats tofu…

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