Detox Dieting

My Quick Weight Loss Five Day Detox Diet Challenge! I chose this fast weight loss diet method to kick start my weight loss for 2016 and really get myself into gear!

I usually use this quick weight loss routine when I have an event coming up and I want to lose weight quickly. The fast weight loss diet is simply replacing two meals a day with a smoothie, drinking green tea, apple cider vinegar, and drinking lots of water. I eat one meal that is composed of veggies, fruits, and one lean meat.

I chose this quick weight loss method over any or detox diet or fast weight loss diet because I know it works. I’ve done this off and on whenever I needed a little boost to lose weight quickly. I know a lot of us ate a lot for the holidays, or at least I did. This helps me clean out some of the junk that I ate and lose those extra holiday pounds that I gained.

Over all I did lose 4 pounds in five days! I will be doing this method again once I return from my leadership training in Atlanta.

Do you have a favorite quick weight lost diet or a type of detox diet when you need to clean your digestive system?

Learn more about the Quick Weight Loss Diet Here:

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