0:00 Introduction: Basic Overview of Program
4:22 Pre K: Lets Read
4:50 Choosing Books for Kids
14:16 Puppet Tips
23:20 Pre K: Activity types
23:55 Pre K: Germs, Germs, Germs
37:56 Pre K: Grain Relay
42:37 Kindergarten Adventures in Nutrition: Activity Types
43:11 Kindergarten: Spooky Germs
49:51 Kindergarten: Healthy Foods Treasure Hunt
53:51 1st Grade: Fun with Food and Fitness: Types of Activities
54:19 1st Grade: Wrapping Food and Washing Fruit
59:07 1st Grade: Pass the Milk Please
1:00:38 2nd Grade: Food Group Activity Types
1:01:20 2nd Grade: Over and Under
1:02:52 Following the Engine
1:04:00 The Pretzel Party
1:06:51 Vegetable Soup Game
1:10:43 Down By the Station
1:12:19 2nd Grade: Beans, Nuts, Fish and Meat
1:14:12 3rd Grade: Building my Body: Activity Types
1:14:51 3rd Grade: Getting to Know Food Groups
1:20:40 3rd Grade: Think Before You Drink
1:24:50 4th Grade: Choosing Foods for Me: Activity Types
1:25:36 4th Grade: Good Morning World
1:26:45 4th Grade: Torso Twist and Hand to Floor Touch
1:28:06 4th Grade: an Interview with a Germ
1:30:02 4th Grade: Everybodys a Special Person
1:33:08 Dont be a Loose Caboose
1:41:33 5th Grade: Exploring the Food Groups: Activity Types
1:42:18 5th Grade: Nutrients In Fruit Match
1:47:40 5th Grade: Mission Breakfast Statements
1:50:43 5th Grade: Get a Move On
1:54:04 6th Grade: Digging Deeper: Activity Types
1:54:52 6th Grade: Power Up with Breakfast
1:59:21 Riding the Rails with Healthy Snacks: Fruit Salad
2:06:32 7th and 8th Grade: Challenges and Choices: Activity Types
2:07:28 8th Grade: Say No to Oversized Portions
2:11:10 Pretend Milk Demonstration
2:14:31 Worksheet Time
2:16:28 Closing Information/ Materials.


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