Dr. Mark Sircus discusses the superfoods he reccomends : Spirulina, Chlorella, Rejuvenate, Acai and how to best use them in cancer and diabetes and other health problems.

After we move away from the first few concentrated nutritional medicines, the magnesium, the Iodine, the Sodium Bicarbonate, whether or not we apply medical marijuana and these other concentrated nutritional substances like Vitamin C, Selenium. We get to something very central to medicine, and that is nutrition, general nutrition. I am not a nutritionist, and I do not work with people s diets. The easiest and the best way to apply nutritional science is with the use of the super foods. My mentor in life, who has been one of the greatest influences on me, is Dr. Christopher Hills, and he is the gentleman who brought spirulina to the world. Spirulina and before that chlorella, in Japan are very popular super foods. These are micro-algaes and the power in these foods is sufficient to sustain whales. There are certain whales that only eat micro-algae and can grow to a enormous size just eating the bottom level of the food chain. Micro-algae are the bottom level of the food chain and they contain everything the body needs to live and survive. And they go through tremendous detoxification processes eliminating because using a super food like spirulina opens up the channel for elimination. How much you intake, eat, would be chlorella or spirulina, the body uses and needs very little energy to digest these things.
So is like feeding the cells, like a rocket fuel. And the cells respond in incredible ways. Super foods they are what the word suggest. They are super heroes recovering from diseases, or heavy trauma. Or avoiding certain diseases, or treating cancer. Spirulina actually has been tested for the treatment of cancer and has many different things in it that are helpful and make into a anti tumor medicinal. So the rational of course is there to use in anemia. In anemia which increases oxygen levels in the body which will help in any cancer treatment. But that is not the only reason it s good for cancer. Bottom line is these past few years I ve been using rejuvenate it is a formula, different formulas around, different super food formulas. My favorite way is in Brazil we have a mineral called Acai, which is wonderful fruit that they make into an ice cream. In United States is mostly sold like a juice. And is one, not one, actually in United States Government rates Acai as the highest anti-oxidant food in existence. So putting in my ice cream by the scoop is just wonderful. Specifically for cancer patients and for diabetic patients or anybody. Taking large amounts of super food is a straight path to recovery the health. Because you are covering every base. Making sure the body is getting everything that needs. My main testimonial for myself when I was 5 years old my uncle start felling my mouth up with mercury, the time I was 17 I had dental diseases, I had gingivitis, I have massive loss of my gums . By the time I was in my late 20, the rolls in my gums were tremendous. I start taking sprirulina and I actually regenerate my gums. That is how stronger it is. It is easier to eat a lot of it than taking the spirulina or chlorella which is easy to take when is in pill form, but when we talk about taking ten, fifteen, twenty grams or more of super foods a day is nice to have a nice tasting formula. Of course these are not the only super foods available. Honey is a great super food.


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