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Are you experiencing any of these symptoms: bloating, cravings, fertility issues, slow metabolism? You need a detox diet and get on a thyroid diet plan. Read more here: medicine as we know it, offers little help in this space. Its not surprising have not been trained in nutrition and even nutritionists have not been trained in restoring the digestive or immune system.

Why is detoxification so critical in restoring your thyroid health?

Your gut and your liver play a super important role in converting the T4 thyroid hormone to the T3 hormone. Look at this simple diagram: it shows you that the pituitary gland (located in your brain) is excreting TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) which gives the thyroid a kick and says Hey thyroid, produce some T4. The T4 hormone produced by the thyroid is an inactive hormone this means it does not do much for you.

It is T3 thats the active hormone this means this is the very hormone that fuels us and is responsible for our metabolism (hence body fat and energy), brain function (hence anxiety, foggy brain), healthy hair, skin, nails and so much more.

Now, here is a piece do not tell you: you convert T4 (the inactive one) to the active T3 hormones in the gut and the liver.

Did you know that? This means if your gut is not healthy (because your are chronically constipated, gassy and bloated) and your liver is sluggish, which, rest assured, is the case with majority of thyroid patients, its no surprise you are anxious, overweight and fatigued.

Once you understood this physiological fact about the thyroid, you know that detoxing your gut and the liver is not an option. Is is IMPERATIVE.

This is not surprising as detoxes and cleanses are Big Business with supplements, magic formulas and promising miracle results. You might be skeptical too as you might have been asked by someone who is part of a multi-level marketing scheme to get an expensive but dubious artillery of pills and powders. Or, you tried a few of those with little or no results.

We understand. We have been there too.

At the same time, we will ask you to be open-minded for just a moment. Fasting and detoxification have been an integral part of our humanity, history and traditions and integrative medicine today. Great people like Jesus Christ, Paramahansa Yogananda, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Plato, Socrates, Hippocrates and many more used fasting as a healing technique. There are mentions of fasts in almost every religion too; Yum Kippur for the Jews, Lent for Christians, Ramathan for the Muslims and so on.
These great men and religions knew that cleansing makes us feel more vital, creative and open to emotional and spiritual energies.

The most common detox misconceptions:

Its a quick fix for me to lose weight fast!
Detoxing is extreme or dangerous.
Its yet another fad.
It will make me lose a lot of muscle.
I wont get enough protein.
Its really expensive as I need all these supplements and pills to finish it.

Thyroid diseases dont just happen. Yes, often times we have a genetic predisposition to getting them; My mom had it so do I. However, genetics is like a loaded gun that was passed on to you there is something that still needs to pull the trigger for the gun to fire.

Toxicity is one such something, its one of these big triggers.

Integrative medicine attributes development of most modern diseases, thyroid being among them, to the toxicity we overload our bodies with.
Most thyroid diseases are caused by the immune systems attack. Your immune system lives in the gut. Is this an Aha! for you?

We need you to know this: most thyroid diseases are autoimmune-related diseases. This means that your thyroid challenges are in fact NOT caused by a thyroid but by your own immune system, which launches an attack on your own thyroid. As a result of this attack, the thyroid suffers and either goes into an underactive state (this is when its Hashimotos Disease) or overactive state (and its Graves Disease then).

Western Medicine does not treat autoimmune conditions this is why most of us are left highly unsatisfied with our about the 7 thyroid toxins her: about detox and thyroid foods to avoid here: more on my about thyroid nutrition or contact Diet Coach –
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