Detox Dieting

what are the 7 majors sources of toxins? Learn how to formulate your perfect thyroid diet plan here: #1. Food

The way we process our food today has contributed to the loss of its nutritional value and introduced substances like preservatives, additives that our bodies are simply not built to ingest. Furthermore, pasteurization, homogenization and refining of food have given it a new form which many people have problem digesting. Food manufacturers have embarked on many pseudo-diets like low-fat; replacing fat with sugar and additives to make things tasty….

Toxin #2. Water
The United States is one of very few countries in the world that adds fluoride to its drinking water. This is a battled and controversial topic (this is why no fluoride is allowed in most European countries) that is well worth your attention. We are now finding out that fluoride inhibits iodines ability to bind with the thyroid gland. This means if we drink water with high amounts of fluoride, our thyroid is interrupted and cannot produce enough T4. Insufficient T4 means insufficient T3 (remember, the active hormone)….

Toxin #3. Household cleaning items
Many people know about the health danger of BPAs and parabens. It has taken the FDA over 10 years to finally acknowledge it which means it might take them another few years to admit that other chemicals like the ACID (PFOA) found in non-stick pans or TRICLOSAN found in anti-bacterial soaps are equally dangerous….
Toxin #4. Skincare products
We are often led to believe that much of what we put on our skin is safe. The reality is far from it. Its also worth noting that our skin in the largest exposed organ, it therefore really matters what we put on it. You might have heard of parabens (even though surprise, surprise all the large cosmetic companies are still using them) being a big contributor to cancer but have you heard of PHTHALATES? They make things smell nice but are synthetic and very dangerous to the thyroid.
Toxin #5. Antibiotics and drugs
Doc, my sinus is in a mess, I need help. You know that your will you a dose of antibiotics which is a great, quick fix to get you back on your feet. The problem is it wont get your well for very long. Antibiotics wipe out the bad AND the good bacteria in the gut and your gut needs the good bacteria too in order to support a healthy immune system. So, how do you boost your immune system so you stop falling sick that often?
Toxin #6. a pathogenic bacterium known to cause chronic gastritis, peptic ulcers is now also to creating a pro-inflammatory response in the body which can manifests itself in the form of Hashimotos or Graves are more common than we realize and want to acknowledge. Its therefore important to test for common like ringworms, pinworms, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms or liver flukes as they deplete us nutritionally and their presence creates another toxic load.
Toxin #7. Negative emotions and stress
You know when a stressful event at work or at home finally comes to an end, you collapse and come down with a flu (at best)? We have all experienced that at some point. This is why: when we are stressed out, our adrenal glands secret a hormone called cortisol which gives us focus, energy and clarity of mind. Cortisol is also responsible for stimulating our immune system. The problem is when we are producing too much cortisol for too long; the adrenal glands get too tired and they stop producing sufficient cortisol. And this is why our immune system gets weakened and we get sick. Furthermore, too low or too high cortisol levels also slow down the thyroid.

Stress is more of a factor in your thyroids health than you realize. We see it over and over again in thyroid patients. Stress is not only for busy Wall Street executives; anyone with past trauma, low self-esteem, self-sabotaging behavior, stress from financial situations, romantic stress (they are all stress!) is very likely to experience adrenal exhaustion which triggers the thyroid.
We most often cannot remove stressful events, people and things from our lives but we can look at them and respond to them differently to spare our adrenals that chronic overload. Do you know where to get started here?
Do YOU Need a Detox? How can you eliminate problems with your thyroid diet? See how here: Part 1 here: more on my about thyroid nutrition or contact Diet Coach – (646) 580-0121 PO Box 275, Lagunitas CA 94938.


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