This is a nice easy one that every vegan should have under their belt. If family comes over for brunch or you just need a big breakfast, this one is sure to please!

I know a lot of people worry about soy and it’s many reported dangers. We’ve all heard of it’s estrogenic effects, goitrogenic worries, high phytate fertility and testosterone reducing issues.

Well, here is a well and cited that explains all of that and actually shows that it is actually a very health promoting food that we shouldn’t shy away from.

Instead of posting a bunch of studies that are hard to thumb through, this about 25 of them. like soy and don’t doubt it’s safety, but as with anything, keep it in moderation. Besides, even water can be bad for your health if you have too much.

Ever wonder why there is so much bad around soy? Ask the Meat and Dairy industry funded Weston A Price foundation. But don’t listen too long, they will get you on a butter and lard diet before you know it. range of course.


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