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Top 5 Juicing & Weight Loss Strategies for Women’s Health & Well Being_


Join Arttemis & Krystalle and learn their TOP 5 Juicing & Weight Loss Strategies for Women’s Health and Well Being.

During this Hangout you will receive practical instructions on how Juicing, Superfoods, Herbs, and Juicing For Fat Loss can help Women balance hormones, heal moodiness, boost energy, and feel beautiful from the INSIDE OUT!

Here is some of the info you will learn:
*Strategy #1 – Just Add Juice!*
Women’s nutritional needs are different than men’s. Drinking Green Juice on a daily basis will help women to nourish their blood and rebuild at a core level.
When your blood is healthy…. your whole skin and body will glow bright and healthy!

*Strategy #2 – Juice Greens and Juice More Often During Your Menstrual Cycle*

Juicing is highly beneficial right before and during a woman’s menstrual cycle. Learn which vegetables to juice for being happy and healthy ALL MONTH LONG!

*Strategy #3 – Juice on an Empty Stomach and Before Bed to Restore Digestive Health*
Juicing also deeply hydrates, mineralizes, and replenishes the female digestive system – the POWERHOUSE for FEELING GOOD NOW!

*Strategy #4 – Cleanse Your Liver for Hormone Balance and Emotional Well Being!*
If you find yourself exploding with anger or feeling irritable all the time; you have a toxic liver! Liver Toxicity can negatively affect so many aspects of women’s health, including emotional well-being. Learn how to detox and support healthy liver function for women with specific herbs, superfoods, and juices from Juicing For Fat Loss!

*Strategy #5 – Proper Sleep*
What time do you go to bed to maximize hormone balance and rejuvenation? 10:00pm or sooner. Learn how you can sleep more soundly with specific nutritional strategies. Learn the best way to improve sleep, rejuvenation, and Women’s Well Being!

Drink Juice and FEEL GOOD NOW!

Hangout Tips:
You can watch the live feed and participate in the here on the event or join us inside the hangout. Here are some tips for joining us inside the hangout.
1. Use a direct connection to your computer instead of WiFi for a better experience.
2. Use an external camera and mic so you bypass your computer’s video card. Your computer will run much easier and we can hear you much clearer. (This is not a ‘must’ – it just helps)
3. Close Skype, drop box, and any programs that run automatically, as well as all other open programs so your connection is optimized.
4. Be patient with the host, the technology, and yourself. This is still a young technology and there are occasional hiccups.
5. Please mute yourself when you are not talking to minimize audio feedback during the hangout AND remember to unmute yourself when it is your turn to speak. If you are experiencing audio feedback, use headphones.
6. Have FUN and remember you are AWESOME!.


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