I’ve gotten soooo many questions about my major and my school, so i decided to answer some of the most common ones 🙂 I hope this helps any of you who are curious about nutrition, the schooling involved, and how I apply veganism in my school for coordinated nutrition and dietetic programs here: What school do you attend?
00:38 How did you find Loma Linda?
02:38 What is the formal name of your major?
03:49 Did you apply to any other schools with good nutrition programs? Which?
04:54 What careers can you do with dietetics?
06:06 Will you go on for a masters or degree?
07:07 Do you have to apply for an internship, or is your program coordinated?
07:35 How is the workload?
08:08 What would you have done differently?
08:38 What advice would you give to someone who is considering the same major?
11:50 When did you know this education path was the one for you? Did it peak before or after veganism?
13:23 How do you manage working with animal products in school?
14:25 Would you have to recommend animal products in your career?
14:52 Is the program what you expected it to be?
15:48 Are you nervous for your internship and the RD exam?

Music: “sleepyhead” by Birocratic @applesandamandas
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Why Go Vegan? Watch these videos/documentaries:
-101 Reasons to go Vegan: Best Speech You’ll Ever Hear
-Forks Over Knives

What are you studying? Nutrition & Dietetics
What camera do you use? Canon Powershot G7X + Canon Vixia Mini X
What is your ethnicity? Filipino
Where is your nose ring from?.


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