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Nicole has her own YouTube channel which is dedicated to vegan recipes and lifestyle tips. In this episode she shares her journey through being a YouTuber and why she went vegan – we also touched on eating disorders and mental health.

00:55 – What got Nicole into being a vegan Youtuber?

02:00 – How did you become a vegan?

04:00 – What health benefits have you seen from being vegan?

05:30 – What’s in the smoothie you’re drinking?

06:30 – Vegan junk food also exists!

07:40 – How much preparation goes into the vegan lifestyle? Pro tip – keep some food ready in the – Nicole shares her history with her eating disorder.

14:20 – What has helped you to create your own self-worth instead of receiving it from the outside world? (working through the eating disorder and having self-awareness)

16:20 – What made you want to start sharing your journey on YouTube?

18:40 – Why do people feel lighter after trying out a vegan diet?

21:00 – What are the ethics behind veganism?

26:10 – Where can vegans get vitamin B12?

29:30 – What’s your view on mock meats?

31:30 – How is your relationship with a non-vegan? Are there any challenges there?

33:40 – What’s the best way to start getting into the vegan lifestyle for those who are looking to transition?

36:05 – Nicole busts open the myth that vegan food is much more expensive than “normal food”

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