Vegans Are Weak? Let some vegan bodybuilders, Olympic athletes, NFL football players, NHL hockey players, MMA martial artists & weightlifters say otherwise. Featuring Frank Medrano, Vegan Gains, Patrik Baboumian, Tim Shieff, Torre Washington, Pamela Anderson, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci & many more vegan beasts…

Soundtrack: Lift Off (Let It Roll On) by Gaiaisi/Gaia’s Eye – Available @ you’d like to support the creation of more projects like this take a second to check out the rewards and info on my Patreon and let me know if you have any ideas on the kind of new rewards you’d like to see, I’m just getting started!: Vegan Beast Mode – Lightning Round Version:
Lyrcis, Full “Wild Animal” EP @: “This Cat Can Rap – The Rapping Cats” Video: starter kit: I know youre going to ask, Settling the Soy Controversy: and Testosterone: benefits of plant-based foods: #VEGANPOWER

Athletes in order of appearance:

Gaiaisi: Medrano: Pacheco: Danzig: Malik: Berland: Laraque: Baboumian: Adewale: Russert: Bigwood: Tresize/Vegan Muscle And Fitness: Washington: Gains: Voyevoda: Webb: Simmonds: Green
Mu Jin Han: Cheeke: Ass Vegan: Einstein
Pamela Anderson: Johnson: Palmer: Coleman
Korin Sutton: Morris: Tan: Grimms: Collette: Beck
William Tucker
Mike Crockett
Giacomo Ciavatta/Collectively
Marcella Torres: Brazier: and friends
Ed Bauer: Salomone
Dani Taylor
Ashlee Harrison
Samantha Shorkey
Shani Vetter
Leonardo Da Vinci.


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