In this video you will see the difference in the quality of juicing store bought organic celery and celery grown and cut fresh from a Tower Garden. The most result that the viewer will be able to see, is in the color. The store bought celery is light and clearer in color, weaker in aroma and taste than the Tower Garden grown celery – which is infused with mineral-nutrient richness that gives it an emerald green color, a richer taste and aroma.

It is important to become aware of our food system and food production practices which have completely altered in the last few years. We are needing more land, space and water to feed our growing population and to keep growing more food for the animals that our population consumes as well. Tower Garden is one of the solutions of future growing that allows the process of food growing to be vertical, therefore requiring less space, land and water while at the same time growing food on average at a faster rate.

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