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In this video, Corrina asks- can we really look like fashion models and move stars? She discusses different motivations for weight loss and if we want to lose weight for self esteem and body image and because we think we’ll feel better about ourselves or whether we want to lose weight to improve our health and overall wellness. What is our weight loss goal? Is it healthy? Is it out of fear of what others think of us, how we think we should look? How can we really feel better about ourselves?

Most of us would like to lose weight and have a more trim, more body, but being a magazine cover model isn’t realistic for many reasons, including the photoshop effect and touch-ups done to nearly all photos we see in magazines and billboards. Sometimes people sacrifice their health to obtain a desired aesthetic, this be plastic surgery, prescription or over the counter drugs, unhealthy dieting or worse.

This video also mentions the issue of eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia and the new fad of thinspirations or thinspos to inspire women (and men) to be extremely thin. The thinspo has become popular and while this video does not speak to eating disorders directly, it does point out that there are so many pro-ana and pro-ed groups out there, the obsession with thin be going too far.

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