Nutrition for Weight Loss

Weight loss. This is Southern California, everyone wants to be skinny and pretty. You can never be too thin, too rich. I don’t know, you can, but regardless, individuals who want to lose ten pounds or want to lose 150 pounds will walk through the door.

There are many factors involved with losing weight, and it isn’t just calorie cutting for most people. Most people who walk through the door, they’ve tried the calorie cutting, they’ve tried the special diets, they’ve done everything to the letter. They lost, if they’re very heavy, 20 pounds and that’s it, and they’re stuck.

There could be reasons for that. It could be hormonal. We need to find out if that’s happening. There could be some sort of infestation in the body, whether it be viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic, that’s preventing that individual from losing weight. There could be a chemical toxicity that’s overwhelming the cells that’s just holding on. Most of the toxins in the body, including chemical toxicity, hide, if you will, in the fat cells. Those aren’t going to be released easily, no matter how little you eat. All you’re going to do in that case is leech the energy that you need to survive off of your lean muscle, or your lean body mass, or your muscle weight.

Weight loss can be a tricky thing, and we’re good at that here.

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