Nutrition for Weight Loss

Hey guys! After losing +50 lbs, I wanted to make a video talking about how I went about losing all the weight to give some insight to you guys! Generally, I buy all the “healthy shit” (non-gmo, organic, whole grain, ECT. . . ) I can get my hands on. If the cost of the foods are a problem, no worries, get what you can afford and start your journey with what you have. Get fruits like apples, oranges and pineapple. Buy proteins (meats) like chicken, fish, and turkey (also protein powder). Veggies can’t hurt either, get some canned green beans. Drink plenty of water and or the sparkling water I talked about “La Croix”. I’ve found Burpees and running on the treadmill are most effective for morning cardio. be/c1ySBMAPFUg


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