In this video I walk you through what my son eats in a day. This day of eating was not planned and I just fed him what I had prepared or on hand. My son is at an age where he picks at food and I never really know when he will eat the full meal. This particular day was one of those days and this explains why I offered so many different VARIETIES of food/snack options. I did not want to use this video because of him eating small amounts of different foods, but I figured it would help people get some different snack/food ideas for their own kids! I really hope this video helps you not only see how EASY and SIMPLE a vegan diet can be for your kids, but also how you can succeed at meeting all their nutritional targets.

I don’t deprive my son of eating vegan treats, in fact, I let him eat higher fat foods like vegan cheese and brownies because kids need the fats for development (I show this in the video). Plus I like keeping his food fun and I don’t want him to miss out on things I personally enjoyed as a kid. Only difference is that these are cruelty and not as harmful as pus containing dairy or other animal products that are not necessary.

I also show you the reccommendations for calories, protein, fats, and a select few vitamins and minerals that are said to be lacking in a vegan diet. These can be found at the end of the video if you are just interested in that, or you can check out some of these down here (or google it). This was my first time doing this, let me know if you liked it or would like to see me do it on my own eating! WHO Vitamin and Mineral Requirements
FAO/WHO (Food and Agriculture Used:
De Hofnar- Zonnestraal
Melvv-Glide & NEON.


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