This is part two of my previous “What a vegan child eats in a day video” which you can watch go over the nutrients he got from this day of eating and how much is recommended for his age range. To keep this video short, I only cover the TOP nutrients that are of concern on a vegan diet and I try to show which foods has the highest amounts of nutrients.

Since my last nutritional video, my son is now eating more foods and I do not feel the need to supplement with a multivitamin any more. I do have them for instances when we travel, if he skips meals, or if I feel like he didn’t eat enough nutrients for that day…
The only supplement I do give him now, every 2-3 days or so, is the 7 sources Plant based Omega supplement, which has Vegan DHA/EPA conveniently in oil form to mix into smoothies, cereals, and other foods. By no means does a vegan child REQUIRE this supplement for health, this is just personal preference. Do some on vegan children and you will find many of them are supplement (aside from B12 which we ALL NEED). Here are some helpful channels/videos I have come across with vegan mamas who also raise their kids on a vegan diet :
Mango Island Mamma (fully vegan pregnancy and feeds her son raw foods. She’s amazing and so inspiring to Rehbai of “Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide” talks about her experience raising a vegan ARE MANY OTHER EXAMPLES OUT THERE ! Pleasseee Take some time to do vs. assume things off a lifestyle you have never tried or experienced correctly.

I say this in the nicest way… I just get a lot of claiming that my son is either not healthy because of the supplements or saying that vegan diets in general are not healthy because we NEED supplements. I feel like I always need to repeat myself and in a way justify/explain this over and over again to people… and I will keep REPEATING it so that people will stop spreading misinformation !
I clearly state that I CHOOSE to supplement this specifically, because I want to ensure he is getting these very key nutrients for development.
For anyone against supplements, I just want you to think about how many non vegans take supplements and really pay attention to your family and friends because I know for a fact, people in my real life and on social media take supplements – and they are not vegan.
Fitness gurus are always flaunting pills for multivitamin, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E, and fish oil (among other crazy pills).

Even if I WAS NOT vegan, I would NOT give my son FISH or FISH OIL that is laden with chemicals and toxins. This is completely counterintuitive to “brain development” and not realistic to give them DAILY.
Here are some helpful and informative I have come across… but there is SO MUCH MORE .. don’t just take my word for it.
:::OMEGA 3 – ALA intakes enough for EPA/DHA levels for non-fish eaters?
***”Blood levels of EPA and DHA in vegans/vegetarians were approximately THE SAME as regular FISH Oil: Friend or Oil Claims Not Supported by there is one big problem: The vast majority of clinical trials involving fish oil have found no evidence that it lowers the risk of heart attack and Committee for Responsible Medicine
Nearly all fish contain traces of mercury…Mercury accumulates in the heart, as well as other tissues, and has been associated with increased blood irregular and increased heart rate, and increased rates of death from cardiovascular disease in at least 12 scientific studies.Many other toxins, including other heavy metals and organochlorine pesticides, find their way into water and aquatic life as well.
Read more at : am vegan for ethical reasons and this video is not about arguing against other lifestyles. It is just showing how one can get their nutrients without eating animal products. If you decide to be hateful towards veganism or insulting towards my son or myself… you will be blocked and your will be deleted. I do this out of my time because I want to educate, inform and share this amazing lifestyle. There is no reason why I need to tolerate trolls or whatever other weird creatures exist on social media that are immature and disrespectful.

Opinions, feedback, and criticism are welcomed always. I don’t delete or shut out people who are against veganism, just the ones who are abusive and nasty when I don’t deserve it. for watching ! xo.


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