Today’s “What I Ate Today” is a bit different.. I wanted to switch it up and try a new way of and while I had hell of a lot of fun I must say I enjoy the vlog type much more. Next one i’ll just have to combine the two WOW your guys’s response to the is making me SO happy!! I do like this way more.. ^.^ MUCH LOVE

Like I stated in my ending message: I DON’T USUALLY COUNT CALORIES! I think counting calories SUCKS and does nothing but make you go crazy. My advice to everyone stuck on counting & restricting calories? GO VEGAN! Indulge in as many calories as you desire through a high carb vegan lifestyle. Don’t WANT to eat veggies, fruits & grains all day? Neither did I a year and a half ago before I went vegan! Before I went vegan I dreamed about pizza, burritos & chicken parmesan. Now I dream about exotic fruits, veggie juice & brown rice.. PLAIN! It’s CRAZY how much your taste buds can change. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself 😉

Spaced Out: Life Hacks For Clear Skin: “What I Ate Today”: My Last “Body Update”: Last Week’s Vlog: Controversial Vlog, What Do You Think? My First Lookbook: I Take On New York City: I Take On Costa Rica: LOVE LIFE, FOOD & YOU ALL!.


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