Another day of eating in abundance of delicious vegan food!! I’m slowly losing weight on a net of 2400 calories right now which is CRAZY because I never thought I could eat this much and lose weight!

My TO Over you can buy the video for a donation, really speech you will ever reasons to go on Reversing Heart Disease
on the between Animal Protein and Beat Cancer has reversed his cancer with a plant based diet COMBINED with lifestyle changes and now has done hundreds of interviews with individuals who have reversed their cancer without chemotherapy or on Reversing Diabetes: Acne: Watch Lilys Video Series on Athletes Video on How to Start A Plant-Based Diet: Michael Gregors NutritionFacts.Org YouTube Esselstyn Ted John McDougall Ted T. Colin Campbell Ted Michael Klaper on Carb vs. Plant Caldwell Esselstyn on Michael Klaper on High Carb Low Fat Vegan Channels:

Lily from Legit Nutrition Vegan from Rice and Healthy The Banana Vegan Couple: By and Starch: and Healthy Owe Health.


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