My ‘The Mindful Life’ sure to watch till the end for the winner of my giveaway 🙂 – calories info for information/video purpose only (I don’t track otherwise)
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1. frozen bananas & raspberries + carob powder and cacao coconut milk. topping : banana, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, coconut flakes, acai powder, cacao nibs (hurray) & pumpkin seeds

2. 2 wraps with beet hummus (from atelier V) lettuce, tomatoes, basil, wild (red) rice, chickpeas, avocado & bbq sauce BOMB!

3. Snack : handful of walnuts/brazilian nuts (not filmed) + smoothie (banana, protein powder, soy milk, molasse, vanilla (not shown).

4. dinner is hella delicious amazing !!!! cooked buckwheat (1/2 cup i measured so i could track it for the video), onion + roasted bell pepper, 1 eggplant, 4 small potatoes cubed. cook everything with spices as shown. toped with avo cos life !

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V Great Vegan Documentaries :
Cowspiracy : Best Speech You Will Ever Hear : The Health

V Want to know some facts about Veganism, Environnement, Nutrition ?Check out: (french but use the translation Other useful and :
OhSheGlows cookbook
The China Study
The Starch Solution
Is It Vegan App (find out if the product is vegan)
Happy Cow App (find vegan restaurants)

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