My thoughts on Earthling Nutrition’s Light@Night diet, or Fruit after 4, the attack on Raw Till 4 lol. Please share this video with her if you know her.

Check out her channel here. a fun way to eat! I have more energy at night to work on videos now, and I sleep much better. It’s a great way to eat, and you don’t have to stress about what’s for dinner, just make a smoothie!



These are some of my favourite videos:

Funniest videos:

Vegan Gains vs Vegetable Police. Someone filmed our fight. dysfunction. Get stronger bigger erections naturally on vegan diet! Carb the Fuck Up! proof that a vegan diet can regrow hair Top 6 Diets THEY don’t want you to know about! Illuminati diet. goes fruitarian: Southern couple freaks out! my comedy channel!! Stern informative and helpful:

How to pimp your smoothie we get sick, and how to get well. Part 1 of 2

Entertaining and good reasons to eat plant based

11 years on Ketogenic diet. Jimmy Moore’s shocking blood test results! 4 reasons to not eat meat What I eat in a day videos:

Epic vegan cheat day vlog. Vegan junk food binge. I eat as a high carb vegan + Vegan Gains Vegan Food and Drink Festival 2015 footage. The good and bad. personal life story:

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