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Quick Reference – Some Great Sources of Vegan Calcium:

Kale – 1 cup is 94mg
bok choy – 1 cup is 158mg
Broccoli – 1 cup 62mg
mustard greens – 1 cup is 152mg
turnip greens – 1 cup is 249mg
Collards – 1 cup is 266mg
Soy Beans – 1 cup is 175mg
Almonds – 1/4 cup is 94mg
Quinoa – 1 cup is 31.5mg
Oats – 1 cup is 84.3mg
Navy Beans – 1 cup is 126
White Beans – 1 cup 161mg
Brown Rice – 1 cup is 50mg
Blackstrip molasses – 1 tbsp is 135mg
Fortified soy milk – 8 ounces has 200-300mg
Tofu – 4 ounces has 200-420mg
Fortified cereals – anywhere from around 250 – 1000mg
Oranges – 1 cup is 50mg
Dried figs – 10 of them have 140mg

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