Detox Dieting

my Web Class to find out exactly how I lost 56 pounds in just a few months on the green smoothie diet.

I recently had a revelation I just HAD to share with you…

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself at the start of this year having chronic fatigue again and comparing myself to other people with junk food diets.

None of them were flat on their backs sick and they ate what they wanted!

I led the healthiest lifestyle out of anyone I knew by far, but yet I appeared to be the sickest…

So whats really going on here?

Its only when I read Faith Canters book cleanse that I realised Id only been focusing on half of the equation when it came to good health.

Id perfected the diet, the non toxic lifestyle, the supplements etc.

But what I hadnt yet got to grips with was how to detox my mind and my soul.

The mind is so powerful when it comes to getting well and Id really only scratched the surface with it.

I share different on each platform and I can’t wait to connect with you over there.

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