Detox Dieting


Why “Detox Diets” And “Cleanses” Are you’re looking for an easy way to quickly drop 5 pounds, instantly boost your health and energy, or reduce stress, a “detox diet” might sound like a good idea.

Take a look around your local health food store and you’ll find an endless number of different “cleansing supplements” and “detox kits” that claim to “purify” your body from the inside out.

The real truth?

Detoxification diets are a scam.

The idea that you can simply slam back a lemon and cayenne pepper cleansing smoothie or pop back a few detox supplement pills to “eliminate toxins from your body” is pure pseudo-science designed to treat a condition that doesn’t really exist.

There’s no agreed on definition of exactly what a “cleansing diet” really is in the first place, nor any scientific explanation for how these supposed detoxifying products actually work.

Companies will simply throw around a vague term like “toxins”, claim that your organs (such as the liver, kidneys or colon) are accumulating them over time, and then tell you that their miracle detox kit, cleansing tea or whatever else will magically eliminate them.

The truth is that your body already has the systems in place to detoxify itself all on its own.

The liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and other organs already do this for you automatically without the need for special detox diets or supplements.

Some people think that their detoxification diet “really worked”, but this is simply due to:

A) Losses in water weight and glycogen, since most detox diets are very low calorie. The weight will quickly pile back on once the regular diet is resumed.

B) The placebo effect. If someone really believes that their body was full of harmful substances and that they’ve now been “detoxified”, their mental state will surely improve.

C) The fact that their previous diet have been very poor, and the increased consumption of fruits and veggies is now providing them with micro-nutrients they were previously lacking.

D) Many detox supplements are actually specifically created to you into thinking they’re working. (I.E. Some colon cleansing supplements actually contain agents that will turn your feces into a plastic-like substance so that it looks like you’re pooping out “intestinal plaque” as the product claims)

Bottom line?

Detox diets, detox supplements and “cleansing kits” probably won’t do you any harm, but they’re simply unnecessary and a waste of money.

At the end of the day the only thing being “cleansed” will be your wallet.

You should definitely SUPPORT your body and organs by eating a healthy diet, exercising, sleeping properly and avoiding bad habits like excessive drinking/smoking, but beyond that there is no need to worry about the idea of “eliminating toxins”..


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