When it comes to health, there are no magical ways to get there. It’s commitment and consistency to making better choices. I feel so lucky to have adopted such an amazing diet at an early age! Here’s to health and happiness.

Take responsibility for your health and well being… as proven, no one’s going to do it for you.
Whats this Lifestyle Im talking about? Watch this: about Weight Loss, Calories, Nutrition, and Exercise???
Check out my Weight Loss Series: with ACNE?! Check out my uber-comprehensive Acne Series: best health and most self is achievable through a healthy lifestyle, centered around abundant whole plant foods and genuine self-care. Its achievable if you drop the excuses, cut the bullshit, and commit to your wellbeing as an important priority.

I also encourage us to acknowledge our inherent responsibility to protect our environment (currently being decimated by animal agriculture: the leading cause of green house gas emissions) and speak up for those who cant speak for themselves: the billions of sentient beings who are tortured and every year. OUR CHOICES MATTER.

READING Koi Hawaii
on you have any questions, please explore the below, or feel to contact me *in the section*!

Essential Documentaries:
What The Health:
Forks Over Knives: COWSPIRACY Now!: Documentary: Movie: Powered Pamela Popper: Committee for Responsible Medicine:
Dr. John McDougall: China Study/Dr. T Colin Campbell: Caldwell Esselstyn: Rights:
Meet Your Meat: Welfare:.


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