To get started with the Juice with Drew System

The bottom line is that you are juicing the wrong way. I don’t want you to worry about this. I made this very same mistake when I started my juicing journey. Juicing takes practice and no one becomes a pro overnight. Now let’s get to the problem so I can show you the solution.

When it comes to juicing for weight-loss, there is indeed a right way and a wrong way. When your main objective is fat-loss, you want to avoid sugar-containing fruits and vegetables. Yes, there are high-sugar veggies, such as beets and carrots. Why is this bad? The simple answer: because extra sugar gets stored as fat.

Here’s a little science on fat storage and sugar consumption for you:

Sugar consumption causes a spike in blood sugar levels inside the body
Your pancreas secretes insulin as a response
The insulin pulls the sugar (which is now glucose) out of your blood and takes it to your cells
Your body can only handle a certain amount of glucose
Once the limit is reached, any excess is stored as body fat
As higher insulin levels are needed, your body creates an inflammation response
This hinders other body functions, like fat burning (this means stalled weight loss or even weight gain)
So to some it all up…Too much sugar = too much insulin = body fat storage

Here’s another reason why juicing is stalling your weight loss.

For this answer, you must first understand a little science behind hormones and your metabolism.

Two hormones play a huge role in hunger, fat storage and metabolism. Those are ghrelin and leptin. Both hormones respond to how well-fed you are.

Ghrelin tells the body that it is hungry.
Leptin tells the brain that the body has had enough to eat, producing a feeling of satiety.
Our bodies are stubborn. They do not like change; it’s a survival thing. When we diet, our bodies rebel by revving up our appetite hormones. When we consistently take in less energy, our bodies respond by making us hungrier and decreasing our metabolic (burn) rate.

Anyone who has dieted knows that it is difficult to lose weight when you are hungry and when your metabolism isn’t burning efficiently. Unfortunately, many people diet too hard and then succumb to their hunger pangs (often times bingeing or yo-yo-dieting).

What is the best way to prevent this? Breaks in juice fasting as well as planned and regular re-feeds should be in place. This affects leptin positively and allows for maintenance of muscle and strength.

When you move forward with the Juice with Drew 90 Day Challenge, you will combine juice fasting and solid-food meals in order to not only keep your hormones in check, but have them finally work for you and your.


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