Noni, (Morinda citrifolia) cheese fruit or vomit fruit, originates from the south pacific and grows in many tropical regions around the globe. Noni is classified as a famine fruit because it grows all year round. It is also something that you probably wouldn’t want to eat unless there was nothing else around. It’s not exactly the most palatable fruit and if you had a choice between a noni or a mango, you’d eat a mango 9.999 times out of 10.

There is speculation that noni contains healing properties for skin problems and boosts your immune system. In some parts of the world none is used to assist in cancer treatment recovery (calling it a miracle cure etc.) as well as many other ailments. I am not a and you should certainly consult with a physician before self treatment or drinking noni or anything for that matter. I have not found any actual to support these claims.

I decided to give it a try to see if it would help with dermatitis. I picked, fermented and strained fruit found on Tortola, British Virgin Islands. This is a documentation of how it all went down. Spoiler Alert: It’s pretty gross.

The taste is very cheesy. During the 60 day fermentation process the rotten smell gradually becomes less and less funky and eventually smells quite medicinal. One thing that amazed me was that despite the long process of sitting in sun, no mold or any other visible bacterial growth formed during fermentation. Some sources (can’t remember which) even suggested noni could be used as a natural preservative, potentially for other juices. If you plan on fermenting noni, use your best judgement. For more videos and check out.


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